Economics, Business & Finance Translations

A team of specialized translators, economists, accountants, and business administration and human resources experts take care of every single detail so you don’t have to!

We translate your business plans, economic reports, financial statements, shareholder reports, academic studies, bidding presentations for government and international bodies, proposals, manuals, human resource documents, correspondence, management systems (ISO 9000 and others), web sites and intranets, and any other related content for you.



At Aiki-Translations, we provide your organization with a turn-key service, a one-stop solution so you won't have to worry about coordinating any tedious last-minute modifications between linguists and designers


We seek long-term relationship with our customers. The more you work with us, the more you'll save; please check our frequent customer pricing system.

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Contact us for a non-binding estimate regarding the fee for your project and the turnaround time for its completion. Translation projects usually take longer than most people expect them to, just send us an e-mail and relax! You will have more time and all that you need to make a well informed decision.