What does Aiki mean?

Aiki is Japanese for the combination or joining of energy; another interpretation is the coordination or harmony of mental energy or spirit. It is a name that reflects our working philosophy.

About us

Most of our providers offer many years of experience and expert service. We all share the same passion for what we do and we've created a highly productive environment to assist organizations which realize that quality is in the details.

The company was founded as a natural response to increased demands for services, especially for those involving larger and more complex projects. We grew from an independent working team to an entire company, one incorporating new services, more expertise, and expanded resources.


We possess a flexible structure and a range of modular processes that enable us to implement quickly and effectively the optimal solutions for each customer.

We've fine-tuned our methodology in order to provide you with the highest quality product, always. At Aiki-Translations, we believe in continuous improvement and training. We strategically employ the most efficient practices and state-of-the-art technologies, while preserving the most important component of every fruitful long-term business relationship: the human side.

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Give us a try - with Aiki-Translations, enjoy peace of mind while you increase your productivity and save precious time and resources; start boosting your profits today!